How to Get More Out of Your Rowing Workout

Rowing is a discipline that, when done well, seems easy.

It is the opposite.

8 new ways to use a Rower

Like swimming, rowing is a full-body sport, which explains why it can tire you out in minutes. “Because all the major muscle groups are involved – legs, back, buttocks, shoulders, arms and abs – each attack requires a lot of power and runs out of oxygen very soon,” says Peter Mansfeld, the high-performance trainer. at Vesper Boat Club in Philadelphia.

Newcomers to the rowing machine, also called erg, make two main mistakes. The first: too much weight. There is an arm on the steering wheel called a shock absorber that controls the resistance. A cushion placed in the heavier is a sure sign of a novice. “Even for a warm-up, you’re putting a lot of strain on your back,” says Mansfeld. Keep the resistance to medium.

The second mistake is to focus too much on the pull. “There is the misconception that the paddle is about the upper body and arms,” ​​says Cameron Kiosoglous, men’s assistant coach for the US Rowing team. UU “It’s about your ability to use your legs and hip connection.”

So start by pushing the legs. Then, when it begins to recede, initiate the attraction. The entire process should take 1 second, while the restart takes 2 seconds. Even as your attack becomes faster, that relationship must be maintained.

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When you start training on an oar, set a time, from 2 to 10 minutes, and use the digital screen to see how consistent it is with each pull. Observe the strokes per minute and the rhythm for every 500 meters. If the ACV count increases but the rhythm does not, you are losing power. Once you have found your slot, try the quick and knotted 1 minute test. (“After 40 seconds, you will feel your eyes are about to explode,” says Kiosoglous).
Now you are ready to cover a certain distance. Use the erg computer, which is preprogrammed for intervals of 500, 1,000 and 5,000 meters. You can treat the rower like a treadmill with tempo and intervals.

Keep in mind: paddling in an erg is like running on a treadmill. It’s a workout, but the fun part of the sport is being outside. Visit a local rowing club, join an adult crew team and discover how it feels to pull water.

Friendly Duel:

For serious rowers, it’s about teamwork. Recreate that inside. Find a friend, set up parallel rowers and run to each other. It will push both of you to try harder and keep things interesting.